Pet Stroller and Dog Bike Trailer Comparison Charts

Looking for a pet stroller but need to compare the top models quickly and easily? Look no further, below Pet Stroller Comparison Chartsare our Pet Stroller comparison and Dog Bike Trailer Comparison Charts.

With all the different specification, makes and models, choosing a pet stroller can sometimes be a time consuming and complicated task, however by using the pet stroller comparison charts below the choices can be quickly narrowed down to just one or two models.

After selecting a few potential models you can then check the reviews on Amazon to find out what actual purchasers thought of the product, and remember, these are real people who have bought the item and posted their reviews, both good and bad. In my opinion there is no better endorsement of a product than a review from someone who actually owns the product.

The pet stroller comparison charts cover the best pet strollers for small pets, medium pets and large pets, and the top rated pet bike trailers. For your convenience we have listed the most important aspects of the pet stroller and pet bike trailer to give you a simple and easy way to choose the best pet stroller / pet bike trailer for your particular needs and requirements.

Just remember the dog strollers and dog bike trailers listed below are only our opinion of the top rated products, your view may differ from ours due to your particular needs, so make sure you research the product or products fully before committing to a purchase.


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Our Top Dog Strollers for Small Dogs (and cats)

 Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet StrollerGen7Pets Regal Pet StrollerBest Pet 3 Wheel Pet Dog Cat StrollerConfidence Deluxe Four Wheel StrollerOxGord Cat Dog 3 Wheel Jogger
Weight Limit30 Pounds25 Pounds30 Pounds25 Pounds25 Pounds
External Size34" long x 18" wide x40" high38" long x 17" wide x 38" high33" long x 14.5" Wide x 38.5" High32" long x 17.5" Wide x 38.5" High32" long x 17.5" Wide x 38.5" High
Internal Size24" long x 12" wide x 23" high22" long x 11" wide x 21.5" high21" long x 13.5" wide x 20" high22" long x 11" Wide x 20.5" High22" long x 11" Wide x 20.5" High
Weight13 Pounds11.5 Pounds13 Pounds10.6 Pounds11.8 Pounds
Wheel Size8"6.5"6"6" Front - 8" Rear5.75" Front 7.75" Rear

Dog Strollers for Medium to Large Dogs

 Pet Gear NV Pet StrollerPet Gear AT3 Generation 2 StrollerGen7Pets Promenade StrollerDoggyRide Mini Dog StrollerPet Gear Jogger No-Zip Pet Stroller
Weight Limit70 Pounds60 Pounds50 Pounds55 Pounds70 Pounds
External Size34" long x 21" wide x42" high33" long x 17" wide x 41" high37" long x 20.5" Wide x 39.5" High43" long x 25" Wide x 40" High30" long x 13" Wide x 42" High
Internal Size30" long x 13" wide x 22" high29" long x 13" wide x 22" high25" long x 13" wide x 21" high23" long x 15" Wide x 22" High30" long x 13" Wide x 22" High
Weight32 Pounds28 Pounds15.9 Pounds23 Pounds32 Pounds
Wheel Size12"11.5"6"12.5"12"

Dog Strollers for Large Dogs

 Pet Gear ExcursionPet Gear ExpeditionDoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-StrollerAosom Elite 2HPZ Per Rover
Pet-Gear-RoadsterDoggyRide-Novel-Dog-Jogger-StrollerAosom-Elite-II-Pet-Dog-Bike-Bicycle-Trailer-Stroller-JoggerHPZ Pet Rover
Weight Limit100 Pounds150 Pounds110 Pounds88 Pounds75 Pounds
External Size30.5" long x 22" wide x 37-42" high37" long x 29.5" wide x 37-42" high60" long x 30.5" Wide x 39 - 41" High52" long x 31" Wide x 40.5" High33" long x 26" Wide x 42" High
Internal Size26" long x 15" wide x 20" high35" long x 23" wide x 24" high31.5" long x 21" wide x 25.51" high30.5" long x 23.5" Wide x 21.5" High15 - 30" long x 18" Wide x 23" High
Weight19 Pounds26 Pounds35 Pounds37 Pounds21 Pounds
Wheel SizeFront 6.25" Rear 11"Front 6.25" Rear 11"Front 12" Rear 20"Front 10" Rear 20"Front 6.5" Rear 9.5"

Here are out top Dog Jogging Stroller picks

 Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet StrollerPet GearNo-Zip Jogger Pet StrollerGuardian Gear Sprinter EXT IIDoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-Stroller
Weight LimitUp to 70 poundsUp to 70 poundsUp to 25 poundsUp to 110 pounds
Weight of Stroller27 pounds27 pounds28 pounds35 pounds
Easy Locking or ZipperEasy Lock ClipEasy Lock ClipZipperZipper
Weather Cover IncludedYesSold separatelyNoNo
Tire TypeAir FilledAir FilledAir FilledAir Filled
Tire Size Front/Back Wheel12 inch/12 inch12 inch/12 inch12.5 inch/121.5 inch12 inch/20 inch
Interior Dimensions/Pet Cabin Size Approximate28 inch L x 12.5 inch W x 22.5 inch H28 inch L x 12.5 inch W x 22.5 inch H21 inch L x 13 inch W x 12 inch H31.5 inch L x 21 inch W x 25.5 inch H
Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet StrollerPet GearNo-Zip Jogger Pet StrollerGuardian Gear Sprinter EXT IIDoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-Stroller

Dog Bike Trailer – Our Top Picks

 DoggyRide Mini Dog Bike TrailerSolvit HoundAbout II (Medium)Solvit HoundAbout II (Large)DoggyRide Novel Trailer
Weight Limit55 Lbs50 Lbs110 Lbs100 Lbs
Pet Cabin Dimensions23 L x 15 W x 22 H in26 L x 17 W x 20 H in33 L x 22 W x 26 H in31 L x 21 W x 25 H in
Folded Size23 L x 15 W x 8 H in27 L x 19 W x 9 H in34 L x 10 H x 25 W in31.5 L x 21 W x 8 H in
Weight21 Lbs20 Lbs25 Lbs30 Lbs
Wheel Size12.5 in16 in20 in20 in
TiresAir-FilledAir-FilledAir FilledAir- Filled
Included Conversion KitNoNoNoNo
Rain ScreenYesNoNoYes
Rain CoverNoNoNoNo
Parking BrakeYesYesYesYes
Internal Leash RingYesYesYesYes
ColorsSpring Green/Grey, Rebel Red/BlackRedBlueOutdoors Green/Grey - Urban Red/Black
Included ExtrasRear Reflectors - FlagReflectorsReflectorsReflectors
 Aosom Elite Pet Bike Carrier / TrailerRage Powersports
Trailer / Stroller
Burley Tail WagonAosom Elite II Pet Bicycle Trailer Stroller & Jogger
Aosom-Elite-Pet-Bike-CarrierRage-Powersports-2-in-1-Pull-Behind-Dog-Pet-Trailer-StrollerBurleigh Tail WagonAosom-Elite-II-Pet-Bicycle-Trailer-Stroller-&-Jogger
Weight Limit66 Lbs130 Lbs (Trailer) 85 Lbs (Stroller)75 Lbs88 Lbs
Pet Cabin Dimensions32 L x 21 W x 25 H in29.25 L x 19.5 W x 24 H in32 L x 19 W x 23 H in30.5 L x 23.5 W x 21.5 H in
Folded SizeN/AN/A37.5 L x 28 W x 9.5 H inN/A
Weight32 Lbs28 Lbs23.5 Lbs37 Lbs
Wheel Size20 in20 in16 in20 in
TiresAir-FilledAir-FilledAir FilledAir- Filled
Included Conversion KitYesYesNoYes
Rain ScreenYesYesYesYes
Rain CoverNoNoNoNo
Parking BrakeYesYesYesYes
Internal Leash RingYesYesYesYes
Included ExtrasReflectors - FlagReflectors - FlagN/AReflectors - Flag

Key to Pet Stroller Comparison chart listings:

Make & Model:
Just like any sort of product the quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and this is certainly true in the pet stroller and dog bike trailer market. Buying a cheaply constructed stroller/trailer could see you replacing the product within a short period of time due to mechanical breakdown.

Weight Limit:
The manufacturer’s weight limit is something that should be strictly adhered to. Overloading the pet stroller/trailer can not only cause irreparable damage to the product it could also be dangerous to the pet and yourself.

External Size:
These denote the exterior dimensions which are useful to know if you need to maneuver the stroller through doors, store it in a dedicated area or carry it inside a vehicle.

Internal Size:
The internal size of the pet cabin is another very important aspect to take into consideration. If the cabin size is too small the pet will be cramped and uncomfortable. So, make sure you measure your pet before purchasing.

This figure gives the unladen weight pet stroller or dog bike trailer. The heavier the weight, the harder it will be to push or tow, especially uphill or on uneven ground. It also helps to access the weight you will be lifting when loading and unloading it into and out of a vehicle. However, the better built strollers and trailers do tend to be heavier due to the quality of the parts, so it really is a tradeoff between quality and weight.

There are two main types of tires, air filled (pneumatic) and EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate). There are advantages and disadvantage with each type.

Air filled tires – Advantages:
• Smoother, more comfortable ride
• Ideal for rough terrain & uneven surfaces
• Suitable for Jogging
• Tire can be replaced when worn

Air filled tires – Disadvantages:
• Higher maintenance i.e. requires the user to check tire pressures and occasionally inflate.
• Possibility of punctures
• Very slightly heavier
• More expensive

EVA tires – Advantages:
• Slightly lighter
• Easier to steer
• Less maintenance i.e. no inflating or the need to check tire pressures
• Puncture-free
• Less expensive

EVA tires – Disadvantages:
• Less cushioning on bumpy ground and rough terrain
• Need to replace the complete wheel when worn

Wheel Size:
Pet stroller wheels come in a variety of sizes. As a rough guide the smaller wheels are good for smooth areas such as sidewalks and cycle tracks and the larger wheels are ideally suited to off road and uneven surfaces.

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