Pet Jogging Strollers

Nowadays, with the emphasis on keeping fit, many people are turning to pet jogging strollers as a way of Pet Jogging Strollerstaking their fury friends out into the fresh air. So why exactly do so many people use a pet stroller instead of just using a leash?

Reasons to use a pet jogging stroller

Small dogs and short snout dogs:
Small dogs with short legs usually should not be walked or jogged for as long as larger dogs. Breeds with short noses such as the Pug, Bulldog, Boxer, Chihuahua, Pekingese and shihtzu may have breathing problems when exercised too vigorously.

Puppies and old dogs:
If you have a puppy, there is no way it will keep up with you when jogging. Just like an infant child, a puppy will get tired very quickly due to the fact that its muscles, bones and organs have not yet fully developed. On the other end of the scale are the older dogs that may be slowing down due to old age or suffering from age related diseases such as Arthritis.

Pets that are recovering from an illness or surgery will often have difficulty walking and will be thankful of the time in the open air and a change of surroundings, possibly leading to a speedier recovery.

Aggressive or nervous pets:
Some pets can be aggressive or nervous towards strangers or other animals. So if you plan on jogging where there are likely to be other animals or people about, what better way to transport your pet than in a safe enclosed environment such as a dog jogging stroller.

Some tips before taking your pet for its first ride

  • Dog Jogging StrollerGet the pet used to the stroller by setting it up in home and enticing it into the compartment using treats or toys.
  • On your first trip out try not to go over bumpy ground, go too fast or go too far. Let your pet get used to the stroller before you start jogging over long distances.
  • Plan your jogging route so that there is a park or open space where you can let the pet have a stroll or run around.
  • Make sure you take water for yourself and your pet. Most dog jogging strollers have a storage area under the pet area and on the handle.
  • Decent pet joggers will have a leash tie that connects to the pet’s collar or harness. It is advisable that you use it at all times to keep the pet secure and stop accidental escapes.
  • If you are planning on off-road jogging, make sure to pad the pet area with a purpose built padded mat or a thick blanket.

What to look for when buying a dog jogging stroller

There are many makes and models of pet strollers that all proclaim to be jogging compatible. However, if you want your stroller to last the rigors of jogging and in particular off-road jogging, there are a few things you need to look for when studying the specifications.

Before buying a pet stroller check out our “How to find the best pet stroller” on our home page, it will help you to understand all of the different points to consider before making your final decision. Also, if you have a puppy, you should take a look at our fully grown weight of a puppy post to find out how much the puppy is likely to weigh when it is fully grown.

There are literally hundreds of different manufacturers that supply thousands of different models. So which ones are the best jogging strollers?

Here are out top Dog Jogging Stroller picks

Make & ModelPet Gear No-Zip NV Pet StrollerPet GearNo-Zip Jogger Pet StrollerGuardian Gear Sprinter EXT IIDoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-Stroller
Weight LimitUp to 70 poundsUp to 70 poundsUp to 25 poundsUp to 110 pounds
Weight of Stroller27 pounds27 pounds28 pounds35 pounds
Easy Locking or ZipperEasy Lock ClipEasy Lock ClipZipperZipper
Weather Cover IncludedYesSold separatelyNoNo
Tire TypeAir FilledAir FilledAir FilledAir Filled
Tire Size Front/Back Wheel12 inch/12 inch12 inch/12 inch12.5 inch/121.5 inch12 inch/20 inch
Interior Dimensions/Pet Cabin Size Approximate28 inch L x 12.5 inch W x 22.5 inch H28 inch L x 12.5 inch W x 22.5 inch H21 inch L x 13 inch W x 12 inch H31.5 inch L x 21 inch W x 25.5 inch H
Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller Pet GearNo-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller Guardian Gear Sprinter EXT II DoggyRide Novel Dog Jogger-Stroller

There are cheaper strollers on the market but if you are going to be going off-road or doing a lot of miles, buying a low priced stroller really is false economy.

For off-road jogging, air filled tires are best, they give much more suspension than solid tires. For smooth surface jogging, solid tires would be adequate.

The larger the wheels size the better. Bigger wheeled strollers tend to not to get bogged Pet strollers for joggingdown in sand, mud or pebbles.
The front wheel(s) should also have the ability to be locked into a fixed position for jogging and unlocked into a swivel position for maneuverability in congested areas or normal walking.

Handle Height:
If the handle height is too low or too high it may make it difficult to push along or you may be kicking the wheels when jogging. Read the Amazon Reviews to find out if any buyers have had any problems with the handle height.

Many of the better built pet jogging strollers come with shock absorbers that dampen the bounce and increase the suspension abilities, which is great news for your pet when going over rough ground.

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